“There will be a few clouds today, but not many.”

“The little girl went missing.
I’d look where the girl went.

We'll be close to a record, but not quite.
Mmm. Not quite.

Athletes need to be athleated.
All Athletes should be athleated.

We have a big huge weather system.
I'd rather have a little huge weather system.

QVC has a Titanic collection show called:
“In memory of the Titanic”
Wrong! It’s called: We're making BUCKS
from a heartbreaking tragedy

Said by Anderson on the Anderson show:
I literally watched it 1,000 times.
Maybe 500. I don't know.
Anderson is literally sure of himself.

Said by Steve Bryant on QVC:
It's only a four and one-half quart pot, but it will hold much-much more.
This 'magic' pot is only available from QVC.

“President Obama and Mrs. Obama posed for candid pictures.”
How do you pose for candid pictures?

It (oil) coats the onions and whatever.
When cooking, you should always be sure that your whatever is coated.

Said by Michael Symon on The Chew:
My Grandpa, he's older than my Father.
You should ask you Father about this.

Her car turned up missing.
How does something turn up missing?

The weather is having issues.
Awww, poor weather.

There is a power outage…
You've let the power companies 'pull-one over' on you.
It's a power failure.
Every time I turn on an electrical anything I always say to myself,
WOW, I'm having a power inage.

Said by the David on QVC's cooking with David:
A sharp knife is a safe knife.


I'm their only child except for my sister.
Did you're sister go missing?

Now that's a friend.... NOT!

From CNN Headline News:
“…and then you can make an exact estimate.”
- Mike Brooks
Aren't all estimates exact?
Mmm, maybe not.

From The Revaluation:
“Did you ever ask anybody to tell you the honest truth?
As opposed to the un-honest truth?

From the Dr. Drew Show:
Dr. Drew said to a caller on his show:
“What do you got?”
I’ll bet that you wish that you had a Doctorate
in something so you could speak more goodley.

“Ground Round - 79% LEAN.
Seems that's 21% FAT. Oh, YUM!

From The Food Network:

“They brought it up to a whole nuther level
Nuthers taste good too.

Said by Paul Rudd on the Doctor's show:

"We all go through whatever.
Please be careful when you go through your whatevers.

Said by Paula Dean on the Dean Family Vacation show:
"It's one of the most romantical islands.
When visiting islands be sure that you only visit romantical islands.

Free, for a donation of...

Talking body on the local news said to the weatherman,
“What's the weather going to be like today?”
The weatherman said, “That depends on where you're at.”

Cherlize Theron talking about her baby
on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

“He's like and he, I mean.”
Aww. Those are the sweetest words.

We're all individuals.
I didn't know that. :-)

…and it didn't cost me one - red - cent!
It cost someone more than one red cent.

A fish is a Christian symbol.
- Mike Murdock - Inspiration Network

Thou shalt not make unto
thee a graven image,
nor any likeness of
any thing that is in heaven above,
or that is in the earth beneath,
or that is in the water under the earth.

- You know who.
BUT WAIT - There's more...
“Joshua marched around Jericho

seven days and seven
times on a Sunday.”
- Todd Coontz and Mike Murdock
Interesting, because the word ‘Sunday’
can not be found in the Holy Bible.

The little boy goes missing.
I’ve seen people go to the zoo, but
I’ve never seen anyone go missing.


Maybe time stopped and I missed it or,
we just ran out of time. :-(

We’re in diverse and many markets.

I'm not afraid of just about everyone.
Kalven Jones is never not doubled teamed.
If you have kids or know of anyone that has kids
and they are learning the English language –
PLEASE don’t let them watch sport shows.

Did you ever notice that the majority of the sportscaster’s
left eyes are closer to their nose than their right eyes?
I don’t know what that means, but I would not let my kids go near them.

Winds out of the North at zero miles per hour.