From: Fine Woodworking Magazine.
Malcolm Tibbetts
South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

For this chess ensemble (chairs, table and chess pieces),
Tibbetts cut almost 4,000 pieces of wood (such as myrtle wood,
ebony and curly maple). Yet this project took only 300 hours to
complete. Tibbetts turned the massive pieces on a big, custom-
welded lathe. The table has dovetailed drawers to store the game
pieces. Tibbetts says he has always enjoyed the challenge of
large-scale segmented work. He likened the design and building
process to a game of chess, which "requires a lot of thought
and planning." The table is 42 in. dia. by 40 in tall. The finish is
sanding sealer and a tung oil/polyurethane mixture.

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