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Welcome to DrJim
One of two places on the WWW where you'll get the “straight stuff”.

  So you have a problem, huh?
  Just read the stuff below, apply them and see if you’re not better off.

    1. If you are complaining or worrying about something that you allow...
       Stop reading this and go solve it... right now!!

    2. Never complain or worry about something that you have no control over.

    3. Surround yourself with music, laughter and friends.

    4. Be sure to laugh at yourself.

    5. *Eat well: Can, most of the canned stuff and junk all of the junk stuff.

    6. Exercise, both your mind and your body.

    7. Age, but don’t get old... There is a difference.

    8. Don’t be a Stick In The Mud; you’ll be stuck when the mud dries up.

    9. Remember to sing this:
        Yesterday is history
        Tomorrow is a mystery
        Today is my moment
        My moment in time.

    10. If the above doesn’t help you with your stuff, then click here ‘cause you
         have a REAL problem and this site will help you with it.

       * If you participate in the almost lost art of home canning, then that’s good stuff.