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The above is a small graphic of a gauge for the Tormek® 2000 stone.
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If you want to sharpen small knives
on your Torkmek®; get Lansky's
Multi-Angle Knife Clamp:

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How to build
a TormekExtend...

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By gluing a piece of paper on the inside/bottom of the Tormek® water trough.
I think you'll find that you can remove most the crud easily after removing the water.
I have a 3/4" rare earth magnet on the bottom/center of the water trough held on with
masking tape and it's removed after dumping the water and before removing the Krud Katcher.

Stuff needed:
Glue Stic

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for a zipped/PDF with three
rud Katchers per page.

Years ago a friend made a stand from a BBQ grill.
With a little web surfing I found this picture:

and I don't see why a Tormek sharpener couldn't be used on a BBQ stand.