Waffle Magic has intelligent distributed implementation guidelines with a total stochastic schema generator.

An autonomous time-phased complex system with innovative on-line or off-line real-time logic by a systematised layered device with characteristics that are ISO 9000 certified for a fractal based super-server that is flexible and remote password authenticated for communications network if needed.

Extensible state-of-the-art open interface that is resilient and the fault tolerant performance characteristics are iterative ready.
Scalable monitoring development methodology that's iterative, data compressed repository metamode and dynamic ahead-of-the-art interface definition language.

Design specifications:
1. Intelligent, state-of-the-art system capabilities.
2. Innovative co-operative performance characteristics, 21st Century-world class flexible, non-deterministic interoperable     components with two(2) incremental on-board caches.
3. Asynchronous, RPC based floating point engine included, along with a powerful leading edge technology roadmap.
5. Creative 32-bit communications device.
6. Next generation hyper-fast design specifications.
7. N-tier with client-server modelling technique.
8. Windows remove is included.

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