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Get a life?
Go dancing?
Clean house?
Wash dishes?
Go shopping?
Clean the car?
Wash the car?
Walk the dog?
Feed the kids?
Start a garden?
What's KEWL?
Should I get a cat?
The garage is on fire?
Should I have a party?
Put up the Christmas tree?
Take down Christmas tree?
Rake leaves or shovel snow?
The basement has a foot of water and it's rising?
Gotta GO to the BATHROOM!!!?
Mom told me, "not to point." How do I get rid of that STUPID hand?
My wife's nagging at me 'cause I'm spending "TO MUCH TIME" on the computer?
My husband's nagging at me 'cause I'm spending "TO MUCH TIME" on the computer?
My husband got out of "THAT CHAIR" twice, in the same day. What's wrong?
What do I do if the background color magically changes on me?
Just mouse over this line. :-)
Make a refrigerator magnet?

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Why does Windows keep crashing?


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